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Warning: Brief Nudity

Ahh, performance art. Insufferable, self-important, inscrutable, and ultimately a self-perpetuating stereotype (there will always be youth). Surely we creatives have been down this road. My dark secret: I deliberately cried in front of my MFA class. Just because. Just because it was genuine at the time. And as foolish as I feel about it now, I miss that. I miss the innocence and ignorance of it.
One can operate from a position of fear, or a position of fearlessness. Neither is better, but, damn, if I don’t miss fearlessness. Read more

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On Being an Expert
Things I'm over: average ratings, infographics, trendlines, and your opinion (you internet stranger). Perhaps that sounds a bit unkind. My larger point is that these are all things that are increasingly valueless to me. I guess that I'm missing the edges of things, where honest opinions are not averaged out into the singular voice of "the people". In a weird way, I consider it to be the equivalent of McDonald's grinding up thousands of cows at once to create the most consistent burger ever. It may be efficient and useful, but it's also bland and soulless, if not unethical and dangerous. And so, while everyone has the opportunity to express their expert opinion, the point becomes moot when the "expert" part of it is ground up into the noise of general opinion. Should we all really love or hate the same things? Give me some real opinions, not just loud opinions. Give me knowledge, not charts and graphs. Give me something crafted and singular, not derivative. Give me yoyo champions! More yoyo pics after the jump. (more…)
Beauty and Dread
I've never been big into poetry (too much of a philistine, I suppose), but I heard the poem that I've excerpted in the vid this past weekend on NPR and it really stuck with me. The poem is Rilke's God Speaks to Each of Us. Absolutely incredible. I've been very interested in the idea of content on the internet that is more performative, if you will. What would it mean to transcend the scale and form factor of the browser? What is the (Platonic) form of art on the internet? Tough to say. Despite the wonder and reach of the WWW, there is a fundamental lack of presence that makes work seem prosaic and small, and the most interesting stuff is typically straightforward and narrative (and often text based). Video or image-based work on the internet simply cannot compete with film or the physicality of the painted or printed image. So what will the cultural artifacts of our generation look like? What combination of 1s and 0s will resolve into Beauty with a capital B? Time will tell. In the meantime, appreciate the past and take in the whole poem after the jump. (more…)
Landscape and Nostalgia
I love love love visiting the Sutro Baths at sunset. Cheesy, sure, but you really have to be a cold, soulless individual to take in the view without being moved, and as scenic as San Francisco is, I can't think of a spot that more perfectly encompasses the Western landscape tradition more perfectly than the Sutro Baths. It's all kind of a no-brainer when you consider the combination of large, still bodies of reflective water, the mist off the crashing waves, rocky outcroppings, and introspective people silhouetted against the setting sun. We're pretty squarely in David Casper Friedrich territory with this stuff (tell me this painting couldn't have taken place at the site of the Sutro Baths). Everything becomes noble, evocative and nostalgic. (more…)
Past Imperfect
"Cross-processed" shots from Big Sur.

The rise of Lomography and Hipstamatic-like camera filters is something I've been noodling over lately. It is a curious return to the idea of the analogue and imperfect, not dissimilar to fetishizing vinyl and its limitations (or warmth and humanity, depending on your point of view). Both trends were championed by the hipster: vinyl coinciding with the first wave of contemporary hipster-ism, 1999-2003, and Lomography aligning with the hipster resurgence of 2004-present (you really must read this ethnography of hipsters. Proper infotainment). (more…)
So cold. So very cold.

I'm a huge fan of the fog in San Francisco. It's an almost physical presence when it rolls in thickly in the evenings, and a heavy fog makes the whole city seem gauzy and quiet and slightly out of focus. It can be stunning. That said, I think I'm ready for some proper warm weather. The city has seen record cold this summer, and the net effect is that the whole city seems to be suffering from seasonal affective disorder...in the summertime. It's like a double bummer. But as I was combing through some video files, I came across these shots of some kids playing in the ocean in decidedly colder conditions. This was shot in Maine in early June, and the general pallor of the shots may indicate the temperature, but cannot come close to capturing the biting wind and miserable climate. Nonetheless, the kids had a blast. Maybe happiness is relative, and one man's crappy summer is another man's balmy vacation. Or not. It's pretty cold here.

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