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Warning: Brief Nudity
Ahh, performance art. Insufferable, self-important, inscrutable, and ultimately a self-perpetuating stereotype (there will always be youth). Surely we creatives have been down this road. My dark secret: I deliberately cried in front of my MFA class. Just because. Just because it was genuine at the time. And as foolish as I feel about it now, I miss that. I miss the innocence and ignorance of it. One can operate from a position of fear, or a position of fearlessness. Neither is better, but, damn, if I don't miss fearlessness. (more…)
Playing with iPhone video
This is dry ice in water on a black background. Shot at the Exploratorium in SF.
My dark secret…
...I have a fishtank. IMG_0029
Old clothes…
...that deserve to be worn again. One would think that it would be interesting if these were available in adult sizes as well, but, as Jammerz can tell you much more efficiently than I can, kids should be kids and adult should be adults. Nonetheless, these clothes should be on contemporary kids. The models, while close to my heart, shall remain anonymous. First up: knitwear that is loose in just the right places. Hit the jump for more... kid1 (more…)
Should I? Or should I not?
I'm contemplating getting a pretty great little coat for sale at MAC in Hayes Valley. It's a miniature (18") collectible made to commemorate Maison Martin Margiela's 20th anniversary. Not cheap, especially for something that nobody would ever be able to wear, but tempting...Reminds me of a really nice piece by Charles Ledray which recently sold for $61,000. margiela_collectors_coat
Subtle. Mesmerizing. Shatner.
Very cool piece from artist Daniel Martinico. 15 minutes of meticulously edited and looped Shatner (we only get a handheld, 2 minute glimpse of it here). Post courtesy of LA Weekly.
Another video inspired by the previous post
Somehow the previous post led me back to a figure that I had encountered in the recent past: Jerzy Grotowski. He's someone that I should definitely pursue a bit further, but modern theater is a kettle of fish that I'm not ready to dive into. Nonetheless, there is a certain odd baroque asceticism (try to make sense of that) to his work and the work in the previous post (Klaus Nomi) that I find compelling. A quote from the NYTimes obituary of Grotowski that seems particularly apt:
Summarizing Mr. Grotowski's approach to acting, Mr. Gregory said, ''He saw the entire actor as an emotional, physical and vocal instrument.''
Randomly came across Klaus Nomi
A pretty stunning, semi-contemporary link to the German Cabaret tradition. Little shout out to Sam for inadvertently pointing me in this guy's direction.
Asian eyes is evil
So says Disney. So say I. Pic taken at a local bus stop.