Jaeha Yoo

On Being an Expert

by jaeha.

Things I’m over: average ratings, infographics, trendlines, and your opinion (you internet stranger). Perhaps that sounds a bit unkind. My larger point is that these are all things that are increasingly valueless to me.

I guess that I’m missing the edges of things, where honest opinions are not averaged out into the singular voice of “the people”. In a weird way, I consider it to be the equivalent of McDonald’s grinding up thousands of cows at once to create the most consistent burger ever. It may be efficient and useful, but it’s also bland and soulless, if not unethical and dangerous.

And so, while everyone has the opportunity to express their expert opinion, the point becomes moot when the “expert” part of it is ground up into the noise of general opinion. Should we all really love or hate the same things? Give me some real opinions, not just loud opinions. Give me knowledge, not charts and graphs. Give me something crafted and singular, not derivative. Give me yoyo champions!

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One comment on ‘On Being an Expert’

  1. Nate Davis says:

    Hi Jaeha,
    found you via Twitter’s “who to follow widget” . . . anyway, couldn’t agree more about infographics–I think old Edward Tufte would be appalled at how pictures are being applied to everything, even situations where a simple table would communicate best. And that’s both the best and worst thing about the internet: everyone has a voice. (Even me.)

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