Jaeha Yoo

So cold. So very cold.

by jaeha.

I’m a huge fan of the fog in San Francisco. It’s an almost physical presence when it rolls in thickly in the evenings, and a heavy fog makes the whole city seem gauzy and quiet and slightly out of focus. It can be stunning. That said, I think I’m ready for some proper warm weather. The city has seen record cold this summer, and the net effect is that the whole city seems to be suffering from seasonal affective disorder…in the summertime. It’s like a double bummer. But as I was combing through some video files, I came across these shots of some kids playing in the ocean in decidedly colder conditions. This was shot in Maine in early June, and the general pallor of the shots may indicate the temperature, but cannot come close to capturing the biting wind and miserable climate. Nonetheless, the kids had a blast. Maybe happiness is relative, and one man’s crappy summer is another man’s balmy vacation. Or not. It’s pretty cold here.

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